Aaj Ki Baat LIVE with Rajat Sharma march 3, 2021 full video

Hello and welcome to Aaj Ki Baat With Rajat Sharma, the only news show with real facts and no noise. 

In today’s episode we will see:

  1. A caller of Indian origin abused Modi and his mother in Punjabi on BBC Radio in UK
  2. Rahul says his grandmom Indira’s idea to clamp Emergency in 1975 ‘was a mistake’
  3. Rahul Gandhi compares RSS with Islamic jihadis in Pakistan

Aaj Ki Baat, March 3, 2021 | Full Episode

India’s Number One and the most followed Super Prime Time News Show ‘Aaj Ki Baat – Rajat Sharma Ke Saath was launched just before the 2014 General Elections. Since its inception, the show is redefining India’s super-prime time and is numerically far ahead of its contemporaries. Aaj Ki Baat is aired Monday to Friday, 9 PM.

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