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According to rumours, the Nintendo Switch Pro Dock is larger and has an Ethernet port

According to a new source, the speculated Nintendo Switch Pro dock would be larger, feature two USB 3.0 ports, and have an Ethernet port.

A fresh rumour about the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro has provided information about the dock, which will be larger and include an Ethernet port. The current Nintendo Switch dock is necessary for the system’s hybrid functionality, however it is not without flaws.

The current dock includes two USB 2.0 ports on the front, one USB 3.0 port on the back, and an HDMI port. The Nintendo Switch cannot use an external hard drive because digital downloads require a MicroSD card, although the USB ports can be utilised for Bluetooth adapters. Although the Nintendo Switch dock lacks an Ethernet port, third-party adapters that connect to the system via the USB connection are available on the market.

There have been numerous reports concerning an updated Nintendo Switch, with some claiming that it will be officially introduced before E3 2021. Because there is presently no official name for this system, it has been dubbed the Nintendo Switch Pro by users online. According to a fresh rumour from Vandal (translated by Wccftech), the Nintendo Switch Pro dock will also have additional features. Two USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet port are included.

For those who have been frustrated by the Switch’s online capabilities, the Ethernet port in particular is a welcome addition. According to the source, the Nintendo Switch Pro will be introduced in November, putting it in the holiday season of 2021. The console will reportedly be the same size as the base Switch, but with a slightly larger screen and a new location for the Micro SD card.

When it comes to the quality of its online multiplayer, Nintendo has by far the poorest reputation of all of the console manufacturers. This has only become worse with the release of the Nintendo Switch, since fans now have to pay for online gameplay. Playing online games on the Nintendo Switch requires the use of Nintendo Switch Online, but the service is still as awful as it was when it was free. Super Mario Maker 2 is nearly unusable online, which is particularly obnoxious given that multiplayer was touted as one of the game’s biggest new features before to release. The addition of an Ethernet port to the Nintendo Switch Pro dock could indicate that Nintendo is paying more attention to its online capabilities, as it currently lags behind the competition in terms of multiplayer.


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