Afghanistan stares at uncertain future after Taliban takeover: How the world can help

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Taliban fighters patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Even almost a week after, the enormity of the events in Afghanistan has not sunk in. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in the most horrific way has thrown up so many questions. The event seems almost unbelievable in 2021.

The Taliban, notorious as a dreaded fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organisation with anachronistic thinking, took control of Afghanistan, and its people.

How could this happen? 20 years of US existence on Afghan soil post 9/11 attacks, all that sacrifice, and labour has come undone. Why didn’t well trained Afghan security forces put up a fight?

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The people in Afghanistan are paying the price with their blood. The image of a person falling off the wheels of a plane is an eerie reminder of 9/11 attacks where people jumped off buildings to escape the burning WTC towers. The Taliban have captured military equipment from the fleeing Afghan security forces. It is another matter that whether the Taliban fighters would be able to use the sophisticated equipment. 

The Afghans, even during Taliban’s complete takeover process, earnestly resisted sporadically. They attacked Taliban militants in three northern provinces late last week.

Meanwhile, the US, which has come under fire for the exit has been scurrying to evacuate people. However, mayhem continues on the Afghan soil with women and children being most affected and scared for their life and future.

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Taliban, in a bid to calm nerves and rebuild image, said that they are in the process of establishing an Islamic State and all human rights will be available within the framework of Sharia. Taliban’s sharia interpretations in 1990s is well-known globally. It will be increasingly difficult for the women and children of the country to survive and not go back to the dark ages of illiteracy and poverty.

The world needs to come together and provide humanitarian assistance. What Afghanistan now needs is an inclusive political settlement for the future of the country. That remains for all to see.

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