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After apologising for recent anti-Israel comments, Mark Ruffalo was chastised on Twitter

It takes a big guy, even a "hulking" man, to apologise when he's wrong, but actor Mark Ruffalo did so on Monday.

It takes a big guy, even a “hulking” man, to apologise when he’s wrong, but actor Mark Ruffalo did so on Monday. His latest public apologies, on the other hand, has been received with contempt and ridicule on social media.

After suggesting Israel had committed “genocide” during its recent conflict with Hamas, the Avengers movie star, who played Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk in multiple films in the blockbuster franchise, came to Twitter late Monday to apologise.

“I’ve thought about it, and I’d want to apologise for comments made during the recent Israel/Hamas war that implied Israel was conducting ‘genocide.’ It’s inaccurate, offensive, and disrespectful, and it’s being used to excuse antisemitism in the United States and elsewhere. Now is not the time for exaggeration “The actor used his personal account, @MarkRuffalo, to make the announcement.
He didn’t say which public comments he was apologising for in his tweet, but he had linked Israel to apartheid-era South Africa on social media earlier this month. Ruffalo was far from the only celebrity to comment on the Middle East’s recent conflicts, but his apologies had sparked a mini-storm by Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon, his message had received over 42,000 likes and had been shared over 3,800 times. Many on Twitter, however, openly mocked the actor and his apologies, with the hashtag “Mark Ruffalo” trending with over 25,000 messages.

Many of the posts were comedic memes that soon went viral, with some implying that the Hulk actor was pandering to the suits at Disney, which owns the Marvel superhero franchise, while others simply couldn’t believe he wasn’t sincere in his apologies.

The most recurrent thread in his tweets was that he was being pressed by Disney, and that he was concerned about the effects of his words on his career.

@enjorlas commented, “Mark Ruffalo further illustrates celebrities will ALWAYS put their salary over human decency, no matter how ‘woke’ or ‘outspoken’ they are.”

Others on social media, however, called out the “haters” as well. Julia Jassey (@Juliajassey) didn’t commend Ruffalo’s apology, but she did say that anti-Semitism has been pervasive on social media in recent days, and that Ruffalo had been caught in the crossfire. She penned, “It’ll be interesting to see how people react to Mark Ruffalo’s tweet apologising for previous remarks towards Israel. The majority of the comments claim that Ruffalo is reversing his position because “someone phoned his agent” or “the Zionist media got to him.” I’ve never heard anything like this before.”

Others resorted to social media to wonder why celebrities seemed to be at the centre of these scandals in the first place!

“Mark Ruffalo is a human being. There isn’t any more and there isn’t any less. He has a point of view. He has a point of view. Why are you investing time in his view or view, whether it’s right or wrong? Do your homework on your own. Celebrities aren’t the all-knowing oracles you think they are “@MarkR980 wrote:

Not Pundits, but Celebrities

While there has been an increase in the number of celebrities who call themselves “activists” in recent years, many of them do more than just express their views on social media. In this situation, it appears that Ruffalo just expressed an opinion and then opted to tone it down after more consideration.

“The Mark Ruffalo episode demonstrates the importance of thinking before tweeting,” said Recon Analytics technology and telecoms expert Roger Entner.

Entner continued, “Social media is that megaphone that everyone hears.” “Mark Ruffalo does not Twitter to his closest pals; instead, he tweets to his 7.5 million followers. That must be reflected in his statements. People are being held accountable for anything they say on social media, not just celebrities.”

And be prepared for a backlash if their viewpoint shifts.

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