Amazon’s smart soap dispenser has a timer to ensure a 20-second hand wash

Amazon is launching a smart soap dispenser that’s compatible with Alexa.


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Amazon is launching a new Smart Soap Dispenser with a 20-second timer to make sure your hand washing is up to CDC standards. The 12-ounce soap dispenser supports Alexa and costs $55. The new gadget is expected to launch on Aug. 4, but you can pre-order the new gadget now.

The device automatically dispenses soap as an LED timer ticks down, according to the product page on Amazon. In addition, the gadget features variable dispensing, meaning the farther your hand is from the nozzle, the more soap you’ll get. The dispenser also only works with liquid hand soap. The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser’s battery reportedly lasts for three months on a single charge.

The page also notes that the Smart Soap Dispenser doesn’t have a speaker, microphone or Alexa built in, but it can pair with compatible Echo devices within 30 feet. If you pair the dispenser with another Amazon device, you can integrate it into an Alexa routine. 

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