Apple’s iOS 15 beta is here, but watch out for these bugs

The iOS 15 public beta is now live.

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The iOS 15 public beta is now live, for those who just can’t wait to try out Apple’s latest iPhone software update before its general release in the fall. (Here’s how to download the iOS 15 public beta, and how to check if your phone is compatible.) But as is the case with all beta versions, this iOS 15 early release has a number of bugs that Apple disclosed in its release notes — and there are likely more that aren’t yet listed. 

As always, we never recommend downloading a beta version of any software on your primary device due to bugs. In the case of iOS 15, you should only download this public beta if you have a second iPhone that you can use for testing — not on your main phone. 

Here are some of the problems to watch out for in the iOS 15 public beta, and some workarounds from Apple. (If you download the beta and decide you don’t like it or are having too many issues with battery life and other bugs, you can restore your iPhone to iOS 14.)

iOS 15 bugs

iOS 15

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Here are a few of the bigger issues you may find in iOS 15, according to Apple’s developer release notes

Finder might become unresponsive

If you install the iOS 15 public beta using Restore Images, your Finder may not work properly. Apple’s workaround is to install device support for iOS 15 beta, available from Apple’s Beta Software Downloads page. 

Camera problems

In the camera app, live text may be unavailable. And if your iPhone is in Low Power mode, Panorama mode “might produce unexpected results,” according to Apple. It did not list any workarounds. 

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We found these amazing features in the iOS 15 beta


CarPlay connectivity

When you share your screen in a SharePlay session, connecting your phone to CarPlay might fail. Apple recommends that you stop screen-sharing before you connect your phone. 

Files quitting

If you choose Open in New Window for a file, that file may quit unexpectedly. 

Find My network issues

In the iOS 15 beta, Notify When Left Behind isn’t supported for Intel-based Macs, or for Apple Watches. Also, the text indicating that the Find My network is active when your iOS device needs to be charged only displays if your device language is set to English. 


You may have some issues with the Find My network in the iOS 15 public beta.

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Home screen widget problems

Apple noted a few different issues with widgets in the public beta. When you select a category in the widget gallery, you might see the wrong category appear, in which case you should dismiss and reopen the gallery. The home screen might also quit unexpectedly when you drag a widget from the gallery. 

SharePlay unavailable message

Apple noted several different problems with SharePlay in the beta, including that it might appear to be unavailable. (Try signing out of FaceTime and signing in again if that happens.) If more than five people are on a call, performance might drop. On some devices, your FaceTime camera may turn off when a screen-sharing session begins. 

For more, check out all of iOS 15’s best new features, and how to download the MacOS Monterey public beta

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