Biden, senators agree to infrastructure deal

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of 21 senators reached a compromise Thursday to modernize the nation’s deteriorating transportation and public works systems, putting the president on track to pass the first plank of his sweeping infrastructure and family agendas.

Biden announced the breakthrough after a 30-minute meeting with the senators in the Oval Office, ending a weeks-long stalemate over the price tag and how to pay for what would be the largest transportation package ever approved by Congress.

The president did not reveal a price tag, but it is believed to be roughly $1.2 trillion plan including more than $550 billion in new spending. The deal focuses only on physical infrastructure structure such as roads, bridges, rail, broadband internet, water and sewer pipes, and electric vehicles. It avoids a gas tax increase that Biden resisted and a corporate tax hike that Republicans opposed but it was not immediately clear how it would be funded.

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