Can handwriting transform your life? Simple changes and you’re there

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You must have heard about umpteen therapies that promise to be “life-changing” in many ways. But what 53-year-old Naveen Toshniwal claims will blow your mind. Transform your life by introducing just a few changes in your handwriting, the Jaipur man suggests, as he elaborates on the art of centuries-old grapho analysis. Difficult to believe? Well, hear it straight from him.


Grapho analysis is not a commonly known practice in India. What is it, for you?

You are right! Although graphology is known well, it is a basic science where two handwritings are compared to check whether they belong to the same person, also used to detect frauds. Grapho analysis is quite well known and practically used in the USA and Europe for corporate placements, analyzing candidates even before their interviews. Here in India, awareness is still less. Though some people know about grapho analysis, very few are aware of grapho therapy, to improve your personality by consciously practicing small changes in some strokes of handwriting.

How does grapho analysis work? What kind of changes in handwriting and strokes do you suggest to people? 

Aristotle, a Greek scholar was the first person who detected link between mind and handwriting about 2000 years back. He used to say that handwriting is actually ‘mind-writing’. Every stroke in the handwriting defines specific character traits: the way you express, the way you will react in different situations, sharp mind, curiosity for learning, ambitions, goals, will-power, determination, sensitivity, creativity, jealousy, greed, and even depression. A combination of such traits helps to identify the entire personality. Thereafter minor changes in strokes are suggested to effectively utilize your positive traits and get over your negative traits. The practice required is only 5-7 minutes a day! The desired changes will be seen in about 3 weeks. One simple specific example: someone making `t bars’ towards the lower end of `t stem’ indicates `lacking confidence in abilities’. So the therapy suggested will be to make the `t bars’ towards the upper side of the stem.

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Can handwriting transform your life? Simple changes and you’re there

To what extent has it helped people? You may cite your experiences for example.

Grapho therapy is a proven science, the results are 100% assured if done sincerely. All you need to devote is 5-7 minutes of your time everyday, and you will start noticing the changes in few days, and in almost all cases the results are seen in about 3 weeks.


Example 1: A student studying for IIT preparation in FITJEE could not complete the practise exams in the exam duration of 2 hours. However, he used to solve the papers after getting back at home! He started having a feeling that he is wasting time preparing for IIT, so starting losing confidence in himself. On analysis, strokes of `slow thinking’ and `self doubt’ were visible. There is nothing wrong in `slow thinking’, just that the person takes more time to grasp and understand something. But it became a crucial factor in this particular case where he was not able to grasp the problem in limited time of 2 hours. So I suggested therapy to change the slow thinking to `fast & instant grasping’ by changing the formation of small letters `m’ & `n’. After about a month, he was able to complete the exams properly in time, hence also got back his self confidence!


Example 2: A girl of 20-22 years of age undergoing extreme depression was not even in a position to speak or express. On going through the handwriting, I could detect dangerous stroke of `suicidal tendencies’. It was not possible to directly inform this trait to her or her mother. So I simply insisted to her to change the particular stroke immediately. She practiced for 3 weeks. In our next meeting, she wished me `good morning’ and interacted very well. Today she is normal and employed! 

Some may find the idea of grapho therapy not so convincing. How would you convince them?

Feedbacks from people who have undergone the therapy and experienced the changes themselves are the best people to vouch about the accuracy of this amazing science. People come to me only after they are convinced that the therapy will help them!

Can it be life-changing for people?

Definitely, simple therapy by writing just 5 minutes a day, with no side effects, and a proven and sure way of improving personality. It will surely change your life

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