Chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal dismisses our sacrifices: Disabled vet

The United States has been a world leader since the end of World War II. In today’s world of cyberattacks and asymmetrical conflict, our nation’s leadership is tested in unique ways.

That is why, as a combat veteran, President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan alarms me.

Withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan is not wrong – it’s long overdue. In 2014, after 13 years, we ended our combat mission. It should have ended years earlier, after we defeated the Taliban elements that harbored those responsible for 9/11.

After years of arrogant nation-building efforts, President Trump’s 2020 ceasefire agreement with the Taliban finally set the right course. We’ve lost thousands of American lives and spent nearly $200 billion helping the Afghan government build an army to defend their country against the Taliban. Now is the time for the Afghan army to do just that.

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