Check out the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning’s insanely versatile front trunk

On Wednesday, Ford reintroduced its fabled F-150 Lightning truck after a two-decade hiatus. This time, though, instead of a fire-breathing V8 under the hood it’s delivering up to 563 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque — all electric. But this zero-emissions pickup isn’t just about straight-line speed: It should also be a capable off-roader and a surprisingly versatile family hauler.

Since there’s no internal-combustion power plant mounted between the front fenders, engineers were able to convert this space into a lockable, shockingly large weather-tight storage area. The Lightning’s front trunk, or Mega Power Frunk in Ford parlance, can support 400 pounds and clocks in at 400 liters (about 14 cubic feet). That makes it roughly one cube larger than the trunk of a Toyota Corolla sedan. Accordingly, it’s roomy enough to hold eight satchels of premixed concrete, two golf bags or plenty of other stuff.

An ideal place to store messy or dirty items, the Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk is washable and has drain outlets, so hosing it out shouldn’t be a problem if your hiking boots leave mud streaks everywhere. Access to this space is super easy, too. You can open the frunk six ways — from the key fob to a grille-mounted button to the exterior keypad, just to name a few. Accommodating owners of different heights and the garages they may park in, the hood (Is it still a hood?) height is adjustable so you don’t smack the thing on a low ceiling, which is a thoughtful touch.

The Mega Power Frunk is the perfect place to stash valuable items out of the elements and away from prying eyes.

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Along with innumerable forms of competitive sportsball, tailgating is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and future Lightning owners will be able to host two parties at once with one truck. The bed, which is identical to other F-150s, remains a great place for a traditional outdoor gathering. But the frunk is wonderful, too: This space is fitted with power ports aplenty — four 120-volt household sockets and two USB outlets — to keep the party going.

Aside from golf bags, luggage, building materials or even snacks and entertainment while tailgating, the Mega Power Frunk is also a great place to stash your groceries. Normally these would go in the truck’s back seat, where they can spill everywhere and make a terrible mess if you don’t drive carefully. But the frunk, with its versatile divider and cargo net, will be a much better place to put weekly vittles so you don’t end up with oranges under the seats or a cottage cheese spill. Of course, since it’s lockable, the Mega Power Frunk is just as great for stashing valuable items away from both prying eyes and the elements.

In addition to the Mega Power Frunk, there’s lots to talk about with the F-150 Lightning, from its Intelligent Backup Power system, which can run your entire home during a blackout, to dozens of other little niceties that we detail in an up-close look at this all-electric pickup

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