Concorde-like supersonic jet will halve travel time

United Airlines hopes to zoom travelers across the globe in half the time it takes today with an order for new supersonic jets.

But don’t expect to book the sure-to-be pricey flights, à la the Concorde, anytime soon.

The airline on Thursday announced a deal with Denver-based startup Boom Supersonic for 15 of its “Overture” jets and an option for 35 more. The plane hasn’t been built and still requires government approval.

United said it will buy the jets once Overture “meets United’s demand safety, operating and sustainability requirements” and that the two companies will work together to meet those requirements.

Overture, which is billed as an environmentally-friendly aircraft running only on up to 100% sustainable aviation fuel, is not expected to be introduced until 2025 and won’t fly until 2026. The first passengers won’t board until 2029, the companies said. Last year, Boom rolled out XB-1, a test aircraft.

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