Core competencies for smart cooperation

The idea of core competencies has been promoted by global management specialists and used in different social and economic contexts. It goes without saying that cooperation will play a central role in the future of society – a real collaborative and participative space where citizens and institutions share a common strategy towards knowledge and creativity as the key drivers of growth and competitiveness.

Core competencies will provide a new frontier of capability that helps citizens answer, with a greater degree of efficiency, the core questions that we see in a more challenging society. This is the right platform for strategic cooperation.

Cooperation will allow people to know who they are and will offer them a strong commitment to the values of freedom, social justice and development. This is the reason to believe that a new standard of society is more than just a possibility, it is a necessity for us all.

The difference in the coming years will be in the capacity of an individual to participate as a central contributor to the reinvention of society. With these new core competencies, smart cooperation will be an agenda of effective confidence in the future.

True cooperation will be an open space where collaboration and participation are the drivers of a new way of communication. It will be essential to learn the lessons that, more than ever, emerge from a world that is trying to rebuild its competitive advantage and to reinvent its effective place in a complex and global network of relations.

In the new global economy and innovation society, citizens and institutions have a central role to play towards a new attitude that is connected to the creation of value and which focuses on creativity.

As a result, cooperation will be a permanent commitment between local and global players.  The concept of cooperation must then confirm itself as an operator of modernity in a very demanding world by introducing into society and the economy a capital of trust and innovation that is essential to ensure a central leadership in the future relations between different social and economic players.

These new actors should be more global and capable of driving the social matrix through a unique dynamic of knowledge that sells it as a mobile asset on the global market.

Cooperation will be effectively constructed by all the actors in a free and collaborative strategic interaction. So-called ‘smart cooperation’ will be the answer to a better society as an active commitment in which the focus on participation and development are the core competencies. These must be the key difference to cooperation for a better future.

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