COVID-19 surge raises workload of crematorium staff in Indore


COVID surge raises workload of crematorium staff in Indore.

People employed at crematoriums in Indore in Madhya Pradesh are working over 15 hours a day as the surge in cases in the state’s worst coronavirus-hit district has increased their workload several times over.

Work, which comprises making arrangements for the last rites and then helping kin collect the mortal remains, starts at 6 am and goes on till 7 pm, with cremations taking place from 9 am daily, and the cleaning up of the premises going on till 9 pm, Regional Park ‘muktidham’ (crematorium) manager Harishankar Kushwaha told PTI on Tuesday.

He said cremations have to be carried out quickly as many people are not keen to wait at the site for long due to fear amid the pandemic, while in many instances infected kin are unable to make it for the last rites due to isolation and other such reasons.

“In the last two months, we have performed the last rites of some 30-35 persons whose kin could not make it to the crematorium.

In some cases, kin have paid cremation charges through online mode, and in many cases we do not insist on charges due to the prevalent situation. On an average, 30-35 bodies are brought for last rites every day, some of which are of COVID-19 victims,” he added.

Janata curfew, which allows only essential services and emergency travel, is in force in Indore, which, as on Tuesday, had a COVID-19 tally of 1,18,085, including 1,169 deaths.


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