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Can Covid vaccination cause infertility in men, women? Health Ministry responds

Even as claims were galore that getting Covid-19 vaccine could cause infertility in men and women, the Union Health Ministry on Monday said that there was no scientific evidence to support them. It said that getting inoculated was safe and effective. 

The ministry cited certain media reports expressing concern regarding infertility due to COVID-19 vaccination among people of reproductive age. 

“Over the last few days, certain media reports have highlighted the prevalence of various superstitions and myths in a section of healthcare workers (HCWs) and frontline workers (FLWs) including the nurses,” it said. 

Such misinformation and rumours were spread during the vaccination drives against polio and measles-rubella too, it noted. 

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Meanwhile, the ministry also clarified in its FAQs (frequently asked questions) posted on the website that none of the available vaccines affect fertility, as all the vaccines and their constituents are tested first on animals and later on humans to assess if they have any such side effects.

It assured that vaccines are authorised for use only after their safety and efficacy is assured. 

“Furthermore, in order to curb the prevalent myth regarding infertility due to COVID-19 vaccination, the government of India has clarified that there are no scientific evidences suggesting COVID-19 vaccination can cause infertility in men and women. The vaccines have been found to be safe and effective,” it stated.

The National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC) has recommended the COVID-19 vaccination for all lactating women, terming it as safe with no need to stop or pause breastfeeding before or after the vaccination.

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