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Do Covid vaccines contain microchips that could produce electricity from your arm? Here’s the truth

Several claims are afloat on social media to discourage people from getting themselves vaccinated. Rumours are often spread to ensure vaccine hesitancy among people. One such viral post surfacing on various social media platforms claims that vaccines contain metals or microchips which cause magnets to attach to the arms of vaccinated people. Infact, it went on to say that this phenomenon could even produce electricity.


A man in a viral video could be seen lighting a bulb as soon as he places it on his arm. He claims that COVID vaccines contain metals or microchips causing magnets to attach to the arms of vaccinated people, and even produce electricity. 


PIB Fact Check debunked the claim and said that it was “fake”. Neither does COVID vaccine contain any metal or microchip nor it has any magnet-like effect producing electricity. The viral claim is “fake”, it said, adding that coronavirus vaccines are safe to be administered.

Recently, an image went viral on the internet claiming that people taking vaccines will die in two years of taking the jab. “An image allegedly quoting a French Nobel Laureate on COVID-19 vaccines is circulating on social media. The claim in the image is FAKE. COVID-19 Vaccine is completely safe,” PIB Fact Check had clarified. 

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