Deadly cyclone slams Oman and Iran after making historic landfall near Muscat

Tropical Cyclone Shaheen killed at least nine people as it slammed coastal areas of Oman and Iran Sunday, the BBC reports.

Of note: Shaheen is the first tropical cyclone to ever hit far north Oman, as it triggered flash flooding and heavy rains — with some areas of the desert climate seeing over a year’s worth of rain in one day, Yale Climate Connections notes.

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The big picture: Shaheen weakened to a tropical storm after making landfall near Oman’s capital, Muscat, with maximum sustained winds of 75-93 mph Sunday evening, according to state media.

  • Three people died in the country and six others were killed by the storm in southeastern Iran, per Al Jazeera.

  • Infrastructure damage was reported in both countries and more than 2,700 people in Oman had to flee to emergency shelters, Al Jazeera notes.

Context: Scientists have directly linked human-caused global warming to extreme weather events.

For the record: A cyclone is the term these countries and others in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific regions use for the same weather phenomenon as a hurricane or typhoon, per NOAA.

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