Democracy 5.0: Innovating for a society of trust

No is the time of Democracy 5.0. – a new context and concept in which citizens must be able to reinforce their individual participation in a new and effective intelligent agenda.

These are, of course, times of great uncertainty and complexity in which people and companies must adjust to a different order of things in the world. Our economy and society must regain a valuable competitive advantage and, at the same time, must be able to play an effective role in creating confidence and modern collective building.  In this way, It is essential to learn the lessons that have emerged as a result of the COVID pandemic and which will be needed to rebuild the world’s competitive advantage and to reinvent an effective place for people in the future.

Democracy 5.0 is the opportunity to reinvent the quality of life for our society.

In these times of change, our society has a central role to play towards building a new approach that is connected to the creation of value and a focus on creativity. In this regard, we can’t wait. We must make certain that we are enablers in this increasingly demanding world by introducing into society and the economy a capital of trust and innovation that is essential to ensure a central leadership in the future.

We will need to be more global, capable of driving the social matrix and selling it as a mobile asset on the global economy.

Our challenges for the future must be supported by certain strategic proposals that demand a new operational agenda from all the political, economic and social actors. We must be positive and able to share with others our ideas and convictions.  Social cohesion is done with the constructive participation of citizens and is increasingly necessary as an effective attitude of mobilization for this purpose.

Education must also be the right tool for this new strategic ambition for our engagement in the future. It, of course, must be the pillar of a new collective agenda that is focused on a better sharing of ideas and proposals for the common public good.

Democracy 5.0 cannot be determined by law. Innovation and creativity must be the enablers of the new social contract in order to encourage an open society that is focused on shaping the future.  Universities and companies must form a new strategic partnership that is centered on the objectives of creating added value and maximizing creativity and knowledge. This is the basis for a future economic agenda where digital platforms will create a new collaborative roadmap for all the economic actors.

The economy of the future will be different, but more demanding in its expectations. With this type of economy, it will be easier to support competence and trust the agenda.

In these difficult times, we can’t forget our culture. Our society has a unique identity based on its strong culture. We must be able to involve common citizens in the construction of integrated projects that are focused on the development of culture as a driver for development.

The reinvention of our culture is itself, a very innovative way to involve more and more citizens in the creation of a contract of hope and confidence in the future. Culture is also an effective challenge for our life and future. There is no effective democracy without an effective strategic focus on culture as the basis for a new sort of commitment of citizens and institutions, with the construction of a new effective society of trust.

Democracy 5.0 is an important step towards building a society for all citizens where they have a strong commitment to the values of freedom, social justice and development. This is the reason to believe that a new standard of confidence and trust is more than a possibility, it is a necessity for all of us as citizens.

This is a process that is not determined by law. It is effectively constructed by all the actors in a free and collaborative society of interaction. This is the challenge of for Democracy 5.0.

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