Disney’s Jungle Cruise hits theaters, Disney Plus Premiere Access in July

Jungle Cruise is coming to theaters and Disney Plus on July 30.

Walt Disney Pictures

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is coming to theaters and Disney Plus as part of the streaming service’s $30 Premier Access system on July 30, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed in an Instagram video Thursday. The actor filmed the announcement from his gym, and looked like he was midsession.

He also said he was inspired to make this movie when he saw the trailer for the first Pirates of the Caribbean back in 2002. Like that movie, Jungle Cruise is based on a Disney Parks ride.

It’s unclear when it’ll come out from behind the paywall, but the live-action Mulan shifted from Premiere Access to the regular Disney Plus library after three months. Raya and the Last Dragon is due to take the same approach when it joins the library on June 4, so it may be that Jungle Cruise will also follow this pattern.

The movie stars Johnson as a boat skipper who takes Emily Blunt’s character to find a tree that has magical healing powers.

It was originally scheduled to come out last July, but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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