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Dove Cameron: I was afraid that if I came out as queer, people wouldn’t believe me

Dove Cameron believed that if she came out as queer, no one would believe her.

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Dove Cameron believed that if she came out as queer, no one would believe her.

Last year, the 25-year-old actress and singer opened up about her sexuality during an Instagram live session, and she has since stated that she was never “confused” about her identity, but was hesitant to come out sooner because she was frightened people wouldn’t believe her.

“I was never in any doubt about who I was,” she stated. I was afraid I wouldn’t be welcomed, and I had this bizarre storey about how people wouldn’t believe me.

“I hope it helps; it’s why I came out in the first place. It felt like something I’d never be able to talk about. I believe the industry has evolved significantly in terms of allowing people with platforms to be human rather than being pulled apart. I was terrified to come out, and one day I just gave up because I was acting like someone who was out when I wasn’t. When you are who you are, you assume that others see you, but then you realise, “No, I have to come out or no one will know.”

Dove was forced to come out publicly after being accused of “queerbaiting” for inserting drawings of two women kissing in the lyric video for her song “We Belong.”

“I’ve been hinting about my sexuality for years while being reluctant to spell it out for everyone,” she explained. Last year, I made a lyric video for the song “We Belong.” It included moving line drawings of individuals falling in love… everything was a guy and a woman making out, and it was a strange experience for me. It was so strange that I had to request that multiple orientations be mixed in. People began asking for indications about the video, so I began using various combinations of emoji couples kissing.

“When the song was out, everyone assumed it was a major LGBTQ+ anthem song, and I ended up in a situation where everyone believed I was queerbaiting.”

The ‘Descendants’ star then took to Instagram to explain why she included the animated segments.

“I went on Instagram Live and said ‘Guys, I really needed to explain something to you,’” she told Gay Times magazine. Perhaps I haven’t stated it, but I am really queer. Because that is who I am, this is something I want to portray through my music.’

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