Drew Barrymore brings back Never Been Kissed character Josie Grossie in hilarious TikTok debut

Josie Grossie is jumping on the viral “Questions I Get Asked” TikTok bandwagon.

The Never Been Kissed character, played by Drew Barrymore, is back — in pinky-peach taffeta, side pony, and her braces — to join in on the hand-hitting, hip swaying Q&A meme.

On Sunday, Barrymore posted the first video post on her new TikTok page, once again as Josie Geller (known more often, though, by her nickname, Josie Grossie), dancing and sharing her responses to need-to-know questions.

“Do you wear your prom dress every day?”

“No silly! Only on special occasions,” Josie replied in the video.

“What’s your favorite food?” she’s asked next.

“NOT. EGGS.” reads Josie’s reply, a reference to a cruel trick the kids at her high school played on her, when Mr. Popularity, Billy, invites her to the prom, only to ask her to meet him on her porch while he and his friends drive by in a limo, lobbing raw eggs at her face.

“Are you Drew Barrymore?” reads the last question.

“I’m Josie Geller, but people do say we look alike!” “Josie” replies in the meme, soundtracked to Hoàng Read’s “The Magic Bomb.”

Barrymore broke out the same dress and Josie look for her television talk show, Drew, last year, inviting teen Josie, a wannabe journalist, to help her read the news. 

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