Eriell Group, Uzbekneftegas brings new gas wells online in Uzbekistan

Eriell Group, an international oilfield services group providing well construction and workover services to major oil and gas companies in Central Asia, Russia, and the Middle East, announced that, in line with the “Program of measures to increase hydrocarbon production for 2017-2021” and in cooperation with Uzbekneftegaz, it has completed workover of 328 wells and has put into commercial operation seven new gas wells in the Kashkadarya and Bukhara regions, as well as in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

“We are very pleased that, as a result of our successful collaboration with JSC Uzbekneftegas, 328 wells were given a complete work over and are back in operation,” Eriell Group RBU Central Asia head Bakhrambek Ismailov said. “We are also delighted to have brought online seven new wells, which proves the world-class nature of our onshore gas play. The investments made into this extensive work also help Uzbekistan meet the growing gas demand. This gives us confidence that we are well on track with progressing the state program of gas commercialization and monetisation in Uzbekistan,” he added.

In particular, over this period, works aimed at restoring wells’ operability were successfully carried out at: Andijonneft JSC (56 wells), Jarkurganneft JSC (31), Mubarek Oil and Gas Production Directorate (75), Shurtan NGDU (65), Gazli NGDU (84), and at Ustyurt NGDU (17), Eriell Group said in a press release on May 6.

Well 209 was put into operation in the Kashkadarya region in the Alan field of the Mubarek Oil and Gas Production Department, which was subsequently connected to an existing gas gathering point, and construction of a 458m long gas pipeline with a diameter of 168 × 6mm was completed. The well flow rate is 102.6 thousand m3/day.

In the Bukhara region wells Nos 89 and 90 were put into commercial operation at the Dayakhatyn field of the Gazli oil and gas production department, Eriell Group said, adding that the flow rates of the wells are 146.7 thousand m3/day and 34.1 thousand m3/day respectively. Gas pipelines with a diameter of 108 × 8mm and a total length of 1,036m were built at the site.

At the Kulbeshkak field, well 54 was also commissioned where hydrochloric acid treatment (SCT) was additionally carried out to increase the gas flow. As a result of well stimulation, a commercial gas flow was secured with a flow rate of 233.1 thousand m3/day, together with completion of a 1,681m long gas pipeline with a diameter of 108 × 8mm.

In the Republic of Karakalpakstan, at the Severny Berdakh field of the Ustyurt Oil and Gas Production Department, well No 98 was commissioned. Following a geophysical survey further perforation at intervals has been carried out, resulting in an industrial flow of gas of 271.7 thousand m3/day. A gas pipeline with diameter of 114 × 6mm and a total length of 650m was installed.

At the Shimoliy Berdakh field, well 99 was put into operation with a flow rate of 182.4 thousand m3/day with construction of a 114 × 6mm diameter 340m long gas pipeline, Eriell Group said.

Furthermore, well 86 of the Eastern Berdakh field was commissioned. The current well flow rate is 56.2 thousand m3/day. The construction of a gas pipeline with a diameter of 114 × 6 mm and a total length of 1,150m was also completed.

In addition to Uzbekneftegaz, Eriell cooperates with Russian and international companies such as Rosneft, NOVATEK, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, Gazprom International, Petronas, CNPC, MOLGROUP and others.



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