Facebook haha emoji totally haram for Muslims Banlgadeshi Muslim cleric Ahmadullah fatwa


People use Facebook’s ‘haha’ emoji to mock others, says Bangladeshi Muslim cleric.

A Bangladeshi Muslim cleric Maulana Ahmadullah, who has a huge following on YouTube and Facebook, has issued a fatwa against people using Facebook’s ‘haha’ emoji, terming it ‘totally haram’ for Muslims.

According to the cleric, people use Facebook’s ‘haha’ emoji to mock others. He said if a person is using the emoji purely out of fun basis, then it is fine, but if it is being used to mock other people on the platform then it is totally not accepted in Islam.

“For God’s sake, I request you to refrain from this act. Do not react with ‘haha’ to mock someone. If you hurt a Muslim, he may respond with bad language that would be unexpected,” the cleric said in a 3-minute video.

Cleric gets ‘haha’ emoji in response

It seems that manh of his followers or those who went across cleric’s video were in line with Ahmadullah’s opinion as thousands of people responded to fatwa with a ‘haha’ emoji with many of them making fun of the Bangladeshi Muslim cleric.

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