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Facebook shared new information on how its users celebrated Ramadan on its platform

Facebook has shared some new insights into how users engaged around the event across its apps.

With Ramadan drawing to a close, Facebook has released new data on how users interacted with the event through its apps, including hashtag and sticker use, Reels patterns, Instagram notifications, and more.

According to Facebook

“Since the beginning of Ramadan on April 12th Facebook has seen a massive spike in goodwill gestures and inspiring moments of kindness as over 50 million people globally wished each other “Happy Ramadan” and another 5 million more global users used the hashtag #MonthofGood to explore, inspire and express acts of good across Facebook’s apps.”

The figures demonstrate the breadth of festivities associated with the day, which makes it a significant holiday in a variety of ways.

In the infographic below, you can see a complete list of Facebook’s Ramadan patterns.

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