Florida Gov. DeSantis signs law cracking down on social media

TALLAHASSEE—Ron DeSantis signed legislation Monday that allows Florida to impose fines on social media platforms that ban users – like many did to former President Trump, the Republican governor’s political mentor.

The bill (SB 7072) swept through the GOP-controlled Legislature last month on votes that broke almost strictly along party lines. DeSantis again came to Trump’s defense after signing the measure Monday in Miami.

“When you de-platform the president of the United States but you let Ayatollah Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader) talk about killing Jews, that is wrong,” DeSantis said, revisiting an issue last year involving Twitter that had brought condemnation from the Trump White House.

The bill orders social media companies to publish standards with detailed definitions of when someone would be censored or blocked and makes Twitter, Facebook and other online companies subject to as much as $250,000 daily fines for de-platforming a Florida candidate.

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