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The Lakers’ writers talk down Game 2 of the Suns-Lakers series

Ron Agers, a contributor for Lake Show Life, weighs in on Game 2 of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns series.

The Phoenix Suns and their fans were victorious in Game 1 over the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. Game two, on the other hand, comes with a price. Is the nefarious Los Angeles Lakers empire retaliating? Is it possible for the Phoenix Suns to give their fans new (title) hope?

Lake Show Life writer Ron Agers, a distinguished writer who is as authentic as it gets when it comes to all things Lakers, is here to talk down game two.

Without further ado, this interview will address the following critical game two questions. The answers have been changed to make them more understandable.

What will LeBron James and Anthony Davis do after their poor showings in Game 1?
I’m not sure how they’ll react, but they’ll have to be a lot more active and assertive than they were in game one. Anthony Davis prefers to float around the perimeter and shoot 17-20 footers on a regular basis. Drummond’s presence in the paint is part of the problem. Andre’s negative impact on the offence, according to Lakers supporters, is a false myth.

He is, however. Take a look…

Isn’t it true that AD generally gets the ball on the left wing? What exactly does he do? In a triple threat position, he stands up. He has the ability to shoot, pass, and drive.

Here’s what we’re talking about when we say Drummond has an impact on AD’s offensive game. If Dre is in the middle, he no longer has the choice of driving. If he makes 17-footers, the Suns will let him shoot them for the remainder of the series. And if he misses three shots in a row, he’ll lose his rhythm.

However, in the first game, AD was shooting 17-20 foot shots and dribbling to the free-throw line only to take 15 foot fade-aways. Getting into the post draws double teams, allowing the other players on the floor to operate, as well as fouls, allowing you to go to the free throw line.

When he scored 42 points, didn’t AD make 15-17 free throws? I understand the discomfort with the term “storey,” but in this case, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Teams in the NBA can’t stop him in the post, and LeBron can’t stop him.

No one will notice if LeBron and AD start shooting jumpers. If they hit them, give them a good shot and tap them on the buttocks. They’ll put up with it.

If LeBron and AD get rolling, what modifications can the Suns make to slow them down?

Not much if the superstars get going. It isn’t about them, though. It’s all about Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker continuing to play well. With Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee gone, the Lakers don’t have the same squad as last year.

Charles Barkley is absolutely correct. Nobody is as terrified of the Lakers as they were a year ago. Dwight would throw you to the ground, and JaVale, at seven feet, is an athletic freak of nature. They were the back-up defenders for the strong side.

Consider LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the weakside defenders. This was the driving force behind the game-changing fast break offence.

Get the Lakers to the half-court line and demand that the other shooters make shots as well.

Do Andre Drummond, Montrezl Harrell, and Marc Gasol, the Lakers’ centres, play a key part in this series? If not, how does putting Anthony Davis in the middle of the field affect this series?
Is there a quick answer? No, it’s not true. If AD continues to suffer, Drummond’s role will become a storey. Despite the fact that Marc Gasol’s playmaking and 3-point shooting are an issue for Phoenix, Vogel will not play him.

Kevin, Montrezl Harrell is no longer with us. I believe he’ll be in Charlotte next year, with a contract worth $100 million. We wouldn’t be having this argument right now if he hadn’t been benched during the regular season. The Lakers would be seeded higher.

Will Chris Paul, who has one arm tied behind his back, continue to outplay Dennis Schroder and the other Lakers guards?
Dennis Schroder will, indeed, serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of betting on yourself. He’s been dreadful since he turned down the Lakers’ offer. The Lakers should package him in a sign-and-trade deal to gain some assets while getting rid of him, in my opinion. He’s been a disaster.

The only true benefit of the Danny Green trade is that it saved the team around $200,000 in salary cap space to pay the other players. He’s not a disciplined defender, so he’s vulnerable. In the play-in game, Stephen Curry scorched him to the point where Vogel benched him in favour of Caruso. The Lakers will lose that game if that does not happen.

This offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to resign Schroder, as well as Alex Caruso, Montrezl Harrell, and Andre Drummond (who are all unrestricted free agents this offseason).

Will Schroder be kind enough to open the limousine door for Paul as a bonus question?
PFFT! PFFT! He’d be fired by CP3. Dennis has proven to be a threat to his own team.

Final Thoughts:

Please express your gratitude to Ron Agers of Lake Show Life for taking the time to answer Valley of the Suns’ burning questions.


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