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For National Wine Day 2021, here are the finest wine offers

A bottle of your favourite wine and a nice bubble bath, in our opinion, are the best ways to de-stress after a long day of hard work.

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A bottle of your favourite wine and a nice bubble bath, in our opinion, are the best ways to de-stress after a long day of hard work. Wine fans seeking for an excuse to pour themselves a glass this Tuesday evening are in luck, regardless of which varietal they prefer—the correct glass of red may wonderfully balance out your supper, while a fine white would be just the thing to combine with that new summer salad recipe—are in luck. That’s because today, May 25, is National Wine Day 2021, and whether you’re planning on imbibing or simply stocking up for the long weekend ahead, now is the day to do it.

What is the date of National Wine Day in 2021?
Though there is no historical evidence of when this unofficial festival began (early mentions date back to 2009), wine has always been present. According to MasterClass, there are over 10,000 different varieties of this alcoholic beverage available today, including well-known favourites like merlot, syrah, pinot grigio, shiraz, and many more. There are various ways to get your fix for less right now, whether you prefer the sweet flavour of moscato or the spicy overtones of a malbec.

Drizly, a popular service that serves most major cities in the United States, is a good option for speedy delivery. In fact, in some areas, alcoholic grape juice can be supplied in as little as 60 minutes! Drizly is currently offering a $5 discount to new customers using the promotional code HELLO at checkout. You can not only choose from a wide variety of wines from various areas, but you can also compare and contrast pricing from local retailers.

Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses rosé is my particular summer favourite, and it’s only $16.49 at a local store near me. With the promo code HELLO, I could get it for $11.49 instead of $19.99. This pick’s floral, fruity flavours appealed to me, and they go well with my prepared charcuterie dishes. Customers at Drizly enjoyed how refreshing it was and recommended it to folks who prefer dry wines.

If you need more than a single bottle, check out Winc, a wine subscription service that we really liked—and new clients can get $29.95 off their first boxed delivery. To qualify for the discount, simply complete a short questionnaire, and the website will tailor a four-bottle package to your preferences. Normally, a four-bottle delivery costs $52 to $59, but with the near $30 price decrease, you’ll only spend $22.05 to $29.05—as low as $5.51 per bottle!

After using the service, Kate Ellsworth, our executive editor of commerce, found Winc’s wine selections to be “on point,” with flavour profiles that matched her preferences exactly. She was also able to learn a lot about her bottles, such as the sulphur level, alcohol concentration, predominant flavours, and so on. Winc also suggested recipes that would go well with her selections, making this a great service for foodies and cooks alike. Just keep in mind that because it’s a subscription service, you’ll be charged the regular fee once your 30-day free trial ends.

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