Forgotten shoes and life changes I never saw coming

Among the strangest things so far about the COVID-19 emergence era is realizing I had no memory of an entire season of clothing – specifically, footwear.

This did not become clear until two weeks ago. It was the second time we were meeting vaccinated friends at an actual restaurant and I decided to visit the attic to check out my shoe options. What I found was a plastic garment bag stuffed with 10 pairs of black sandals.

Ten pairs? you might well ask. I hate to shop. I had found a couple of comfortable brands and had stocked up via the internet with the intention of never having to buy shoes again. I’d say don’t judge me, but I’ve already been through a Facebook judging session. Some friends found all of this hilarious. Others brought the snark. You’re certainly ready for some warm-weather funerals, one said.

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