Former Afganistan Minister is delivering pizza in Germany.


Former Afghanistan minister, who left country fearing Taliban, is delivering Pizza in Germany

Fearing Taliban’s bloody agenda in Afghanistan, former Afghan minister Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat had letft the country years ago. Sadat, who was Communications Minister in Afghanistan, has now taken refuge in Leipzig city of Germany where he is working as a food delivery guy.

According to a report in the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper, Sadat is working as a food delivery boy in the German city of Leipzig.

When Sadat was left with no other choice except to find a job for his living, he started working as a pizza delivery boy. He roams around the city on his bicycle and delivering food door-to-door.

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adat was a minister in the Afghan government until 2018. He moved to Germany but after a few months, Sadat ran out of money and started facing problems. He had gone there to help on communication-related issues in Afghanistan but had resigned due to differences with Ashraf Ghani, according to a report.

“At present, I am leading a very simple life. I feel safe in Germany. I am happy to be with my family in Leipzig. I want to save money and do a German course and study further,” Sadat said.

He further said, “I applied for many jobs but no response came. My dream is to work in a German telecom company.”

Afghanistan’s former communications minister holds two master’s degrees from Oxford University, one in electronic engineering and the other in communications. Sadat has worked in more than 20 communication-related fields in 13 countries. He has 23 years of experience working in the field of communication.

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