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Free Mother’s Day Cards 2021: 7 E-Card Sites To Send Greetings To Mom

Check out these seven of the best free e-card sites for sending thoughtful Mother's Day e-cards and greetings to moms.

Mother’s Day is the ideal time to express your gratitude and bring a smile to your mother’s face.

However, some people are on a tight budget this year, and an expensive gift isn’t a choice. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free e-cards available to help you send a heartfelt message without breaking the bank.

Check out these seven of the best free e-card sites for sending thoughtful Mother’s Day e-cards and greetings to moms.

Give your mother a special message on Mother’s Day to let her know you’re thinking about her from You will undoubtedly find a card that meets your mother’s needs, whether you want to give her a virtual hug featuring an adorable teddy bear or something plain and sweet.


Religious mothers would appreciate a Mother’s Day e-card that includes a prayer, bible verses, or blessings. Fortunately, Dayspring has all these options are available, as well as others! Sending a religious greeting card to your mother will show her that you respect her religion. If your mother isn’t religious, don’t worry; there are plenty of cards on the website without religious messages.

Greetings Island

Those interested in adding a personal touch to their Mother’s Day e-card would enjoy customizing a card on Greetings Island. Users can personalize their cards by uploading their own designs and adding stickers, sentences, and photos to the final product. When a user is satisfied with their e-card, they can send it to their recipient via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp. They can also print or save the card as a PDF.


It’s never been easier to send Mother’s Day cards to your mom, grandma, sister, and others, thanks to Punchbowl. Before the card, envelope, and postage stamp are sent to the lucky recipient, users can customize them on the websites. For moms who aren’t tech savvy, the platform provides a text alternative for sending the e-card.


If you want to send a GIF, a postcard, a video, or a traditional card, 123Greetings is the perfect site to send a simple greeting featuring adorable animations and more.


If you want to make her the star of a themed e-card of her favourite musical or see her dancing to a funny cartoon, you can use her face. JibJab has a wide range of humorous and sarcastic greeting cards for all occasions.


After reading a funny greeting from Someecards, most moms would struggle not to smile. The receiver won’t be able to conceal their delight with this special Mother’s Day greeting, which includes cheeky phrases including “For all the love you’ve provided me, I’ll one day pay your nursing home bill,” and “I hope your Mother’s Day is more fun than labour.”

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