Friends: The Reunion trailer sees the cast reunite and tears flow

Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

How many pages was the letter Rachel wrote to Ross before they got back together? If the phrase, “18 pages, front and back” immediately leaped to mind, you’ve got to watch the new trailer for Friends: The Reunion posted on Wednesday.

The two-minute trailer reveals that the reunion special will have a little bit of everything. The cast members, led by David Schwimmer, answer trivia questions about the show and reminisce about the days when their show was the hottest thing on TV. Matt Le Blanc tells of watching a news broadcast that revealed all of the actors’ homes from the air. Jennifer Aniston shares that the producer of a show she was on told her Friends was not going to make her a star. (Spoiler: WRONG.) 

Le Blanc reveals that Courteney Cox would write her lines on the table in Rachel and Monica’s apartment. Guest stars, including Tom Selleck, who played Monica’s boyfriend Dr. Richard Burke, and Maggie Wheeler, who played Chandler’s girlfriend Janice, make appearances. And there are plenty of tears as the cast reunites, looking shockingly unchanged — with the exception of Le Blanc’s gray hair. The show looks like a must-watch for anyone who ever wished they, too, had a pack of pals who all hung out together at a Central Perk-style coffeehouse (and could afford a gigantic New York City apartment).

Friends: The Reunion airs on May 27 on HBO Max. Here are details on how to watch and what to know.

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