Get PS5 game Returnal for $30 at Walmart (update: expired)

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If you’ve been waiting for a good discount on PlayStation 5’s Returnal like I have, now is your chance. Returnal is now on sale at Walmart for $30, saving you $39. This price at Walmart beats both Amazon’s and GameStop’s $50 price.

Returnal is one of the few PlayStation 5 games that takes advantage of intriguing features like adaptive triggers. The audio immerses you, the player, in the alien world you inhabit while you survive. CNET’s sister site Metacritic gave this game an 85, and critics loved the graphics. They also loved the sense of mystery and storytelling wrapped up in this groundhog-day style shooter.

Many players find this game to be challenging — so if you’re the sort of gamer who wants to unwind and have a simple time with it, Returnal might not be the best option for you. And if repetitive gameplay loops are bothersome as a feature, you might not like it either. That being said, if you’re already sold on it, now is the best time to get it because the price might go back up quicker than you think.

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