Gurugram deploys teams for door-to-door COVID screening in rural areas


Gurugram deploys teams for door-to-door COVID screening in rural areas.

To identify Covid-19 patients in the rural areas of Gurugram, the district administration has set up around 164 teams to conduct door-to-door screening in each gram panchayat to identify corona patients and make people aware of the prevention measures.

Health officials said that more than 36,000 people in the rural areas will be been covered by these teams which have been deployed by the district health department.

Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg said, “Awareness campaigns have been increased in the rural areas of the district and the villagers are coming forward to test themselves and their acquaintances with symptoms related to Covid-19.”

“The members of the field survey team at the village level include Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, school teachers, village secretary and volunteers for collecting samples. This team is going from door to door and collecting information about the family members,” Garg added.

He said if a person is found positive, necessary arrangements are made for home isolation or for shifting the infected person to the isolation centre in the village.

The Deputy Commissioner said that in the second wave of the pandemic, cases are being reported from both the urban and the rural areas.

“For the convenience of the villagers, isolation centers have been set up in the villages itself, where people are provided with all the necessary health facilities. For this, buildings in 164 gram panchayats of the district have been converted into isolation centers,” Garg added.


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