Happy the elephant is ‘imprisoned’ in Bronx Zoo, argues advancing case

A case brought by animal activists that argues an elephant is being “imprisoned” by a New York zoo is advancing to New York’s highest court.

The elephant, named Happy, is a “cognitively complex nonhuman animal” that should be freed from the Bronx Zoo and transferred to a sanctuary, according to The Nonhuman Rights Project.

More than two dozen New York judges have previously ruled against Happy and similar cases, the Bronx Zoo said in December after the case was dismissed by a lower court. But The Nonhuman Rights Project is now celebrating the New York Court of Appeals’ decision to hear the case.

“This marks the first time in history that the highest court of any English-speaking jurisdiction will hear a habeas corpus case brought on behalf of someone other than a human being,” the Nonhuman Rights Project said in a statement. The group called it a “landmark elephant rights case.”

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