HCA Apex Council members stranded outside Gymkhana Ground

Hyderabad Cricket Association interim president K. John Manoj, who along with other Apex Council members including the HCA secretary R. Vijayanand were not allowed to enter the Gymkhana Ground premises by the police on Monday to address their scheduled media briefing, said they would seek redressal in the court of law against the on-going developments.

“We were told by the cops that we will not be allowed and that the president Mohammad Azharuddin, who was inside the HCA office at the same time, complained to them and sought security stating that he feared some anti-socials might create nuisance at Gymkhana Ground,” Manoj informed media outside the main gate.

Five Apex Council members disqualified by HCA Ombudsman


“The media briefing was called to inform only about resumption of cricketing activities and nothing else. It is unfortunate that we are stopped outside the gate and we would have wished Azhar to come out and talk to us,” he said.

Azhar was not available for comments.

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