History is made on the ‘Big Brother’ season finale

On the season 23 finale of Big Brother Wednesday, we knew that history would be made with the crowning of the first Black winner of the show. After it came down to Xavier Prather and Derek Frazier for the final two, we learned who was going to be $750,000 richer.

“Congratulations, Xavier. You are the winner of Big Brother,” host Julie Chen-Moonves said as she pulled out the decisive key.

Prather, who unanimously received all nine votes to win, was part of a six person alliance called The Cookout, formed at the beginning of the season to ensure that the winner of the most racially diverse season in history would be Black.

After his historic win, Chen-Moonves asked Prather how he was feeling.

“It’s surreal. I wouldn’t have been here without all the members of The Cookout, and every single member of the jury, and those members not in the jury who were part of the season. I can’t thank you enough,” Prather said. “I’m so blessed to have met every one of you. We all made history this season, so I think we should all be proud.”

Viewers on Twitter were excited for Prather as well, with plenty of congratulatory messages being sent his way. 

But the history making wasn’t done there, because host Chen-Moonves still had to crown America’s Favorite House Guest, who this year went home with $50,000, instead of the usual $25,000 given out in past seasons. And the winner was… Tiffany Mitchell!

“Thank you, America!” Mitchell said. “Hey, America! I love you guys. Thank you for giving me something!”

Big Brother airs on CBS.

Watch what Mayim Bialik had to say about all the drama surrounding her new hosting gig:

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