Idea sharing for a new sense of purpose

Diogo Vasconcelos, the Portuguese politician who focused his work on innovation and on the fundamental role of ICT and next-generation broadband and who died a decade ago, was a very innovative entrepreneur and social innovator. He believed that society must have the ambition to push for a better future that would be based on the concept of excellence.

Vasconcelos’ message focused on the idea of rethinking and renewing the concept of an open society in which it would transform into a strategic idea that different civilizations, religions and ideas into direct contact with one another.

This agenda of sharing ideas is the point of departure and the point of arrival of a new way for citizens and institutions to create a new contract of trust, as sharing ideas creates a new sense of purpose.

Society will face a new reality post-pandemic, and public policy figures will have to decide on the most suitable strategy for the development of a new agenda for growth. At a time of uncertainty and uncontrolled global financial crisis as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, an agenda of idea-sharing must focus its attention on launching an agenda of collective intelligence that is centered on effective value creation and citizenship engagement.

The answers we need for these complex times are not easy and they demand a new sense of cooperation that our communities must be able to create. The goal must be to renew confidence in the future.

A strategic ambition that is focused on attracting new talent cannot be mandated by law but must be built through a broad and consistent partnership from a collaborative network of different operational actors that will include municipalities, companies, universities and civil society.

Sharing ideas to create an entrepreneurial culture and attitude will create a culture with positive dynamics. As a result, society must be the real platform for a more positive agenda that creates both knowledge and new sectors of value. In a modern and active society, having a sense of purpose is key to making a difference. Promoting a dynamic and active creation process, one that involves each and every citizen, is one of the biggest challenges in the coming years.

Sharing ideas means being engaged in a far wider agenda.  We must understand that a society of the future will require the integration of people as their contributions to society are strategically essential to facing the challenges of the future. This is the message for people and for society and is the answer for a new generation of talents that know that the key to success is based on the contribution of freedom and equality. This is is why sharing ideas is so important for a new sense of purpose.

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