Innovation 5.0 as a new ambition for a smart future

This ongoing time of crisis is a good opportunity to redefine the strategic agenda of nations and regions towards innovation. The consolidation of a collaborative and effective Innovation 5.0 agenda is and must be a good example of a strategic project focused on the future in terms of creating more value in the global markets.

Innovation 5.0 must be a commitment between governments and civil society, with a primary role for universities, companies and centers of innovation as active drivers of competitiveness in the system. It can be the effective platform of competence and trust that it is needed for the future. Innovation 5.0 is and must be a new ambition for a smart future for our society and economy.

This has the opportunity to confirm itself as an enabler in a very demanding world by introducing into society and in an economy a capital of trust and innovation that is essential to ensure a central leadership in the future relations between the different social and economic players. These new actors should be more global and capable of driving the social matrix a unique dynamic of knowledge on the global market. More than ever, we need to focus on added value as the basis of a new society that is more equal and more competitive. The answer for this challenge is strongly based on this Innovation 5.0 challenge.

Universities and companies have a central role in this agenda. They must perform a new strategic partnership of added value, creativity and knowledge. This is the basis for the future effective implementation of the repositioning of the value chain of various ecosystems. Most nations and regions still face a strong opportunity to implement an agenda of innovation.

The Innovation 5.0 Agenda is key to the future as it is a new agenda of value that is promoted by social and economic actors. It must be based in central projects like the digital innovation hubs, poles of competitiveness, clusters of innovation and knowledge cities and regions. These projects are the effective confirmation that the basis for a new agenda depends on the capacity of universities, companies and centers of innovation developing a new strategic agenda of excellence.

A Innovation 5.0 agenda is the development of new solutions based on new products and services that are more connected with the new challenges of a more global and complex society. This is and will be the recognition of the critical role of innovation in the future of our economy and society.

This agenda is also an important contribution to citizens and institutions of people who know who they are and have a strong commitment to the values of freedom, social justice, and development. In times of change and uncertainty, nations and regions must regain their strategic competitive advantage but at the same time must be able to reinforce their social dimension.

In this way, it is essential to learn the lessons that more than ever are emerging from a world that is trying to rebuild its competitive advantage and to reinvent its effective place in a complex and global network of relations.

Innovation 5.0 is one of the key strategies to this agenda and a challenge for our common participation and contribution.

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