Intelligent multilateralism in a new world

After the election of Joe Biden and the reinvention of American strategy in the world, there is now an opportunity to develop a new strategy of intelligent multilateralism.

In a complex and uncertain world, strategic relationships between nations are becoming key elements to the challenges for the future. Some countries like China are becoming central players in a world of change and it will be important to establish a new contract of trust between nations.

Intelligent Multilateralism is the right answer to the challenges that our new world is facing. The global economic situation is becoming difficult. Many companies face the challenge of reinventing their markets and redefining their strategic value proposition in a general context. They have the opportunity to reposition themselves at a time of more uncertainty and complexity. In this sense, we need new answers to the different problems that our society is facing.

A new form of multilateralism must be a platform of strategic convergence that includes different ideas and proposals that are committed to the development goals for the future.

This would support concepts with some strategic proposals that demand a new operational agenda.  This new world that we are living must know how to integrate, in a positive way, citizens that do not have equal opportunities in a society that is not exactly equal for everybody.

Social cohesion is done with the constructive participation of citizens and it is increasingly necessary to have an effective attitude of mobilization for this effort. A positive integrative policy is a signal that this multilateral world has an effective purpose that is clear in its definition and execution.

Innovation and technology must be the drivers of change for this new world of demands. Universities and companies must create a new strategic partnership that is centered on the objectives of added value, creativity and knowledge. This is the basis for the future implementation of a more consistent value creation strategy and better interconnections between different nations.

Competitiveness must not be decided by law and it is very important to co-create a new collective intelligence that is focused on a culture of open innovation and sharing value.

A multicultural world is an intelligent dialogue between the past and future.  Culture must make a difference in this process of reconstruction and focus on the capacity of citizens and institutions to preserve their identity. This is an ambition that all of us must embrace with confidence in order to create the key pillars needed for a new, intelligent and multilateral world where competence and trust must be the keywords that make the difference.

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