“Intense” Iran nuclear talks underway again in Vienna

Indirect nuclear talks between the United States and Iran resumed on Saturday in Vienna with the chief coordinator saying he believes a deal will emerge during this sixth round of negotiation, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: The talks are at a critical stage as key deadlines approach, after which a deal could be much harder to strike.

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  • The U.S. had hoped for a breakthrough ahead of the June 18 presidential elections in Iran.

  • “We are making progress but the negotiations are intense and a number of issues (remain), including on how steps are to be implemented,” an EU spokesperson said in a statement to reporters, adding the aim was “to find ways to get very close to a final agreement in the coming days.”

  • China’s top envoy told Reuters the primary obstacle remaining is U.S. sanctions.

“Our message to them (the United States) is that they should stop shilly-shallying by moving decisively to sanction-lifting.”

China’s ambassador to the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Wang Qun

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