It’s on me: Harbaugh pays entire restaurant tab

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh scored big with fans, and the NFL season doesn’t kick off for another seven months.

On Tuesday night, Harbaugh quietly paid for everyone’s dinner at Jimmy’s Seafood Restaurant. While Harbaugh wouldn’t reveal the exact amount, WJZ-TV in Baltimore reported the total bill was at least $2,000.

Harbaugh said the credit for paying for the meals goes to his wife. “It was 100% Ingrid’s idea,” Harbaugh told ESPN.

The winningest NFL coach in Baltimore football history, Harbaugh went to the popular Baltimore seafood restaurant for a charity fundraiser. He took photos with every fan who asked him as well as the restaurant staff.

Before leaving, he secretly picked up the bill for all seven families eating there.

“[Restaurant owner] John Minadakis is the hero for the fun he’s doing for local businesses hit by the pandemic,” Harbaugh said.

Jimmy’s Seafood has raised over $430,000 in an effort save Baltimore bars and restaurants struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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