Jameela Jamil slams critics questioning her production credits on James Blake’s new album

Jameela Jamil is not here for people undermining her music talent.

“The Good Place” actress spoke out on social media Saturday after the release of James Blake‘s latest album “Friends That Break Your Heart.” Jamil, who is also dating Blake, has several production credits on the album including singles “Say What You Will” and “Famous Last Words.”

Social media users spewed words of disbelief after noticing the 35-year-old’s name listed as a producer on the project, something Jamil considered to be “misogyny.”

“A lot of mostly women insisting I couldn’t possibly have actually worked on my boyfriend’s music, and that he must have just credited me to be nice… I was a DJ for 8 years, and studied music for 6 years before that,” she tweeted Saturday. “You are part of the problem of why women don’t pursue producing.”

Men outnumber women in music production in a 38 to 1 ratio, According to USC Anenberg’s “Inclusion in the Recording Studio” report that spanned across a six-year sample of Billboard’s Hot 100 songs.

“James had to fight me to take credit on this album because I was so Preemptively sick of the internet,” Jamil wrote in a follow-up Instagram post. “An additional hilarious side to this misogyny is that they only don’t believe in my musical input when they love the songs.”

She added: “I hope you’re taking credit for your work wherever you are in the world right now. I hope you know that if you’re not being believed over your achievements… that it’s not a reflection of you… it’s a reflection of people who are so underachieving, cowardly and insecure that they can’t fathom that you could be impressive.”

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Other artists commented on Jamil’s impassioned post with words of support including Questlove and Chelsea Handler.

“Take all the credit,” “The Roots” drummer and producer Questlove wrote.

Chelsea Handler commented: “Women are smarter, more resourceful, and have had to deal with forced humility. We’re done with all that.”

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Blake also made a post of Jamil’s tweet showing support for his girlfriend and co-producer.

“Thank you for the time you put into this record Jameela. It wouldn’t be half what it is without the insane skill set you brought to it,” he wrote. “Love you and I hope all this serves as an example to Women who are routinely discouraged by eye-rolling wankers that your work is necessary and important.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Jameela Jamil slams questions about her credits on James Blake’s album

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