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The emotional announcement of the Kardashians’ life-altering decision

News of  ending after 20 seasons was reported back in September of last year, but during Thursday night's episode

The show’s decision to end after 20 seasons was announced in September of last year, but viewers got a closer look at how that decision was made during Thursday night’s episode. For instance,, and secretly voted.

“This is a big day for me and my family, because we’re gonna discuss whether or not we want to move forward with filming “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and we’re filming it on our iPhones, because we don’t want the crew to film it and have them hear the conversation. But at the same time, we wanted to document it, because it’s an important day,” Kris elaborated.

The family matriarch also revealed that in the past, making a decision was always simple because everyone in the family agreed. This time, though, everybody was a little torn.

“We love sharing our lives. We love that whole aspect of it. Just so many factors have come into our lives since we’re now so busy, and we have to just think about what we want out of life and what we want together and what we’ve built, and do we walk away from that,” asked Kim.

Although Kourtney was the first to declare that the show needed to end, Kris and Kim eventually agreed. Khloé was the only member of the family who wasn’t fully on board. “”I think it’s, like, everyone wishes that it could be less. Do I think we all need a break sometimes? Yeah, but I don’t know if it necessarily means, like, to stop,” Khloé later confessed in her confessional, “Going into this meeting, I really assumed it would be just a conversation that we’re all gonna have. But now that I’m in the meeting, it’s definitely clear that everyone’s decisions have been made, and that mine would probably be the only one that is against the rest of the family.” Khloé also admitted that having to break the news to everyone that the show was ending was “very devastating.” And it was heartbreaking, as they all sobbed during their announcement.

The ladies informed the production team first, out of respect, as they didn’t want them to read the news on the internet.

Kris began by saying, “There’s no easy way to say this, except just to say it, because we love you guys all so much and it’s almost like ripping off a band-aid, but we just wanted to tell you in person that we won’t be going forward with filming the show anymore. It’s been a really excruciating decision to make. This journey’s been the most incredible thing that we’ve ever done. And we can’t even express the appreciation that we have for you along the way.” Khloé expressed gratitude to the crew, describing them as her “second family.”

“The crew has been with me through so many crazy, happy, sad, amazing situations. Like, I’m so close with the crew,” explained Khloé. “I mean, I have such a security blanket in these people. And, you know, to not have that anymore, it’s a big thing. I mean, it sounds silly, but they’re my people.” While the whole moment was very emotional, there was one silver lining – fans got one good final Kim ugly crying face, when Kim thanked the crew by saying, “I just want you guys to know, like, how much we really appreciate you guys, each and every one of you, for spending time away from your families to be with our crazy family.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on E!

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