‘Kill it, burn it, strangle it’

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee took on the topic of filibusters Wednesday night. The rule has made headlines recently, after a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol attack failed to advance despite receiving the majority vote of 54 to 35. It needed 60 votes to pass or a two thirds majority.

“Basically, even though Democrats control the Senate, the House, and the White House, if we want to pass any non-budgetary legislation, we need to have a supermajority in the senate,” Bee said. “Unfortunately, we have a measly simple majority so we’re screwed.”

There has been an increase in clotures and filibusters in the past decade, hindering the legislative resolutions. Some politicians are worried that filibusters are going to make passing any significant social legislation impossible. Bee supports doing away with the filibuster and returning to a simple majority.

“We have to kill the filibuster,” Bee said. “And when I say kill it, I mean kill it, burn it, strangle it, draw it a bath and drop a plugged-in toaster in it, I don’t care! The point is, the filibuster needs to die.”

Bee challenged fellow progressives and Democrats to push for an end to the rule.

“Until we lose the filibuster, the entire progressive agenda is at risk from voting rights to immigration reform to gun control to climate policy,” Bee said. “Democrats, you won. Stop letting the losers call the shots.”

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