Kroger offers $1M, free groceries to customers

Helping with the national drive to get 70% of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, Kroger is offering customers, workers or individuals who get the shot the chance to win $1 million or free groceries for a year.

The sweepstakes are being offered in collaboration with the Biden Administration as part of the president’s bid to get the U.S. toward the threshold of herd immunity – where so many Americans are protected against the new coronavirus that it can’t spread.

Starting next week, Kroger will offer a $1 million prize and, separately, free groceries for a year to 10 other winners. The grocer will offer five weekly drawings, ultimately awarding five $1 million prizes and a free year’s groceries to 50 other winners.

Details and rules will be announced next week for the campaign, called “The Community Immunity Giveaway” and promoting it on social media with #CommunityImmunity. People who have already gotten vaccinated are also eligible to enter the drawings.

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