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Lady Gaga has announced the addition of LGBTQIA+ artists to the 10th anniversary edition of Born This Way

'Born This Way' will be released in a special 10th anniversary version, according to Lady Gaga.

Celebretainment is a term used to describe the entertainment industry. Updated 1 hour ago on May 28, 2021

‘Born This Way’ will be released in a special 10th anniversary version, according to Lady Gaga.

The groundbreaking 2011 album celebrated its tenth anniversary this weekend, and the pop superstar has announced that the future release would include six new interpretations of songs from the album featuring LGBTQIA+ performers.

Big Freedia’s cover of ‘Judas’ is the first to be released, and the whole collection will be available on June 18.

Covers of ‘Highway Unicorn,’ ‘You & I,’ ‘Marry the Night,’ ‘The Edge of Glory,’ and the album’s title track are also on the way.

Big Freedia issued the following statement: “I wanted to cover ‘Judas’ because it was my favourite song when it first came out.

“To me, ‘Judas’ is a love song about being cheated on by someone. That is something I have firsthand knowledge of. Who isn’t able to relate to this?”

The revelation of the ‘Born This Way’ anniversary album comes just days after Gaga was honoured with the Key to the City of West Hollywood on Born This Way Day (23.05.21).

The chart-topping album by the 35-year-old artist was recognised for its cultural effect.

Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath of West Hollywood gave the Grammy winner the key to the city and announced May 23 as Born This Way Day.

“Thank you for motivating us to love and be proud of ourselves!” Horvath told Gaga.

In honour of the LGBTQIA+ community, a painting of the album’s title in pride flag form was displayed on Robertson Boulevard, and the ‘Stupid Love’ hitmaker promised to “always be here for this day.”

Gaga stated, “Thank you for providing this key. For a long time, you’ve been the motherf* key to my heart – I’m sure this will sound clichéd to some people, but not to me.

“I swear I’ll always be here for this day, and I’ll honour and treasure it.

“I’ll be here on this day to rejoice with you, to cry with you, and to laugh with you, because you already know who we are. We’re poets who are simply conversing with one another. Let’s having a nice time, I love you!”

The ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ singer also took to social media to share a series of photos from the event, as well as a statement about how the album was inspired by Carl Bean, the founding prelate of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, a liberal protestant denomination that welcomes lesbian, gay, and bisexual African Americans.

Gaga stated in the caption: “Carl Bean, a gay black Christian activist who preached, sang, and wrote about being “Born This Way,” was the inspiration for my song and album, Born This Way. His early work, for example, was completed in 1975, 11 years before I was born. Thank you for decades of unwavering love, bravery, and the opportunity to perform. As a result, we can all experience joy because we deserve it. We deserve the right to instil tolerance, acceptance, and freedom in everyone. (emphasis added)”

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