Late Father Gave $10 For Son’s First Beer

A 21-year old man from England received probably the best surprise of his life on his birthday. His father, who died 6 years ago, gifted him his first beer!

“It was awesome, it was the best present I could ask for.”

Matt Goodman

His sister handed him over the $10 note that was given to her by their father, which was then used to buy Matt his first beer: a Bud light, his dad’s favorite.

“We put it in an envelope that night, taped it up, and put it in mom’s closet for the last six years.”

Casey Goodman, Matt’s Sister

Little did they know that their story would go viral and receive a plethora of reactions; some got emotional, some shared their own stories.

See people’s reactions:

Budweiser also came forward to show their support:

“We’re raising one to your pops, Matt. He got your first beer and the next one’s on us.”


They sent eight 30-packs of beer to Matt. Wow, who would’ve thought!

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