‘Leadership PM’s biggest quality’: Amit Shah as Modi completes 20 years in public service

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‘Leadership PM’s biggest quality’: Amit Shah as Modi completes 20 years in public service

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday spoke to Sansad TV as PM Narendra Modi completed 20 years in public service. Shah said that the goal of PM Modi is not to stay in power but to change the country. Describing Modi as the biggest reformer, Amit Shah said that he made a new model of development that echoes from Gujarat to Delhi.

Amit Shah spoke at length about Modi’s achievements all these years, and also heavily slammed the opposition for trying to bring the PM down. When asked if criticism affects Modi, Shah said, “He (PM) only gets stronger as more and more criticize him”


Amit Shah praised PM Modi for his leadership skills. He said, “Leadership is the biggest quality in PM Modi. He listens to everyone calmy and then takes a decision”. The interviewer even questioned if Modi borders being a dictator, as many believe so. To this, Shah said, “I have never seen anyone as calm a listener as Modi. In all of the meetings, he lets everyone speak and thinks over their suggestions.”

“Modi gives importance to quality suggestions, not to persons giving the suggestions”, he added.

Economic reform

Time and again, Shah pressed onto the country’s economic growth under Modi’s rule. He emphasised Gujarat’s development and how Modi gave a model for others to learn from. “Modi ji takes decisions by taking risks. Our aim is to spur change in the country. The world’s largest democracy with a population of 130 crores has to be taken to a respectable place in the world”, he said.

Amit Shah said that Modi works for the poor, while the opposition sits in power by making discontent inside the political capital. “After nearly 27 years of Left rule in Bengal, see the state’s situation, and compare it with Gujarat”, he said.

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