Manipur: PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi condemn ‘cowardly attack’ on Assam Rifles convoy in Churachandpur

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Manipur: PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi condemn ‘cowardly attack’ on Assam Rifles convoy in Churachandpur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister Rajanth Singh among other political leaders condemned the violent attack on an Assam Rifles convoy on Saturday, that killed an Army colonel, his family, and 4 personnel. Colonel Viplav Tripathi, the Commanding Officer of Khuga Battalion of Assam Rifles, his wife and son, besides four personnel of the paramilitary force were killed in an ambush in Manipur on Saturday morning, in the fresh eruption of militant violence in the border state. Tripathi’s convoy was targeted at Sehkan village in Churachandpur district by suspected militants of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK), a militant group in Manipur demanding a separate homeland.

Manipur CM N Biren Singh also expressed regret over the incident and said that State forces are tracking down the culprits. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also condemned the killings. 

Assam Rifles euologised the slain officer who had previously served in Mizoram until his transfer to Manipur in July 2021.

“During his tenure at Mizoram, under his able and energetic leadership, the Battalion has been at the forefront in Border management thwarting illegal smuggling in the IMB and hinterland. Battalion has also recovered several weapons & War like stores which could have landed in the hands of Anti National elements thus avoiding major casualties.

“Col Viplav though his remarkable endeavors has bonded closely with the locals of Mizoram. The Anti Drug campaign conducted by his battalion in January 2021 received several laurels and praise & the awareness was rightfully created by him in the entire state including the remote villages to ensure the youth are guided in the right direction,” the statement said, adding his “goodwill for the society will last an eternity”.

The Assam Rifles statement said it suspected that the insurgent group responsible for this massacre “must be from PREPAK cadre as the PREPAK remembrance day is celebrated on 12/13 November 2021”.

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