Meghan McCain doubles down on Fauci criticism after ‘out of touch’ vaccine comment: ‘I’m not a phony’

Meghan McCain was mocked on Monday for voicing frustration over the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The 36-year-old television personality, who has not been vaccinated, slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci on The View and had what Twitter deemed a “Don’t you know who I am?” moment.

McCain made the “out of touch” comment when reacting to Fauci’s weekend appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, on which he avoided saying whether vaccinated grandparents could spend time with grandchildren who haven’t been vaccinated.

“So, I was very frustrated when I saw this clip,” McCain began, adding she has “respect” for the almost 500,000 people that have lost loved ones from the virus. “The grief our country is going through should not be downplayed. Next week it will be a year since we left the studio, and I have been very responsible in many different ways as so many Americans have been. The fact that Dr. Fauci is going on CNN and he can’t tell me that if I get the vaccine, if I’ll be able to have dinner with my family… It’s terribly inconsistent messaging and it continues to be inconsistent messaging.”

That remark lit up Twitter and “Meghan McCain” started trending.

McCain was called “selfish,” “out of touch” and was roasted for her “big Karen energy.”

McCain, who also called on President Joe Biden to fire Fauci and replace him with someone that “does understand science,” didn’t specifically address her buzzy remark. But she doubled down on her criticism of the leading infectious disease expert.

“Many of you can keep worshiping at the alter of Fauchi [sic]. I’m not a phony,” she tweeted. “I will not go on tv and lie saying one thing privately and another on air. This is my opinion.”

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