Michael Wolff’s ‘Landslide’ describes Trump’s desperation, isolation

  • Michael Wolff’s “Landslide” reveals Donald Trump’s rant on Brett Kavanaugh: ‘very disappointed.’
  • Wolff recounts a fight between “insiders” like Jared Kushner, and “outsiders” like Rudy Giuliani.
  • Trump was furious with Attorney General William Barr for not doing more on alleged election fraud.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu’s acknowledgement of Joe Biden’s win enraged Trump.

Michael Wolff’s newest book and the last in a trilogy, “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” gives an inside account of the chaotic end of the Trump administration, describing how the former president was seduced into falsely believing he won the 2020 presidential election. 

Wolff, the author of the best-selling “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” spoke to Trump, along with several White House aides, whom he quotes extensively in “Landslide.” It is the third book Wolff has written on Trump, after 2019’s “Siege: Trump Under Fire.” 

In “Landslide,” Wolff recounts several anecdotes that portray an increasingly paranoid and isolated Trump during and after the election. Wolff says events in the book involving Trump’s staff were confirmed by several sources and Trump’s office provided a detailed summary of much of the material in his book.  

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